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  1. This issue is breaking all of my saved SQL snippets when I paste them into SQLPlus on a terminal. I've tried from the client, from the web, copying to an editor first, putting it into a code block. Nothing gets rid of it.
  2. I do a lot of cut/paste of commands from Evernote and one issue I'm seeing since I've started using powershell via RDP on my Mac is that I'll select/copy from Evernote, right click into a powershell window to paste, press return and delete the highlighted text from Evernote because it still has focus. Is there a way I can lock my pages from editing to stop this happening? I can use the shareable link to bring up a readonly copy of the page in a browser but that's less than ideal. And yes, while I can always restore anything I've lost, that presumes that I realise I've deleted it in the first p
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