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  1. My problem wasn't making them OCRable it was that I didn't know which needed to be converted. I have had to save all attachments in a notebook to a folder, ocr them using Adobe Acrobat and then re import them, but by doing that I lose all the tags etc.
  2. https://www.labnol.org/software/print-password-protected-pdf-files/29918/ Easy
  3. https://www.labnol.org/software/print-password-protected-pdf-files/29918/ Google is your friend. Tested and yes you can print a print protected pdf easily and permanently remove the restriction easily.
  4. How does that work, ie the prevention of printing? There has to be just a flag on the file that prevents that, I would be surprised if there was not a pdf reader out there that ignored it though I have been known yo be wrong.
  5. I don't want to do that as the files may be used in evidence so I do not want to materially alter them or rely on a file derived from them that coukd be questioned etc etc.
  6. No. I had to physically collect and sign for the data in person. It was on CD.
  7. And a jolly good point it is too. Should I point out that the documentation was not only un OCRable but that it included all documents pertaining to an individual that had worked for as a teacher for the past 15 years. The documents, memos, notes, emails etc etc etc were wrapped up in one BIG pdf and each one was in there randomly by date and type. I do not believe that the way the pdf was put together was a random act.
  8. If, as I suspect, it is MS Print to pdf that is to blame I do wonder if it is deliberate or just terrible coding by MS. If I use the MS Print to pdf they do not work, if I use the Adobe equivalent, no problem.
  9. Nor here. The offending PDF's have been sent to me in a bundle being used in a legal case. To make things interesting not all of them are a problem.
  10. That is my gripe, you can enter in notes but not know straight away that they will not OCR via EN and if they don't you have no way of knowing...... If would be nice to have a function to search for all those non readable.
  11. I think that given this it will be best to assume that Evernote is NOT going to OCR anything. It is just too much of a problem to try and fix later when it may or may not have worked and you have no way of knowing which it was. 🙁
  12. Thanks for the reply. I have lots of PDFs that have been supplied to me, I will have to OCR them on acrobat prior to import. PITA bu I do not think I have a choice. Such a pain that Evernote does let you know that it tries and was unable to OCR the note.
  13. Thanks for the teplyDidn't the previous poster say that the pdf given as an example was a pic inside a pdf container? The text isn't selectable at least not until it is ocr'd.
  14. Didn't the previous poster say that the pdf given as an example was a pic inside a pdf container? The text isn't selectable at least not until it is ocr'd.
  15. Understood. However Evernote indicates it will be able to make notes searchable, it is the main reason I bought in. It now looks like it can, sometimes. But more to the point when it cannot it does not let you know (or am I missing a flag somewhere) It would be useful if Evernote had the facility to flag notes that it could not OCR to allow you to go back and OCR only those ones manually. This is going to be a right PITA almost to the point of looking elsewhere.
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