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  1. Just started having same issue on Evernote 10.7.2, Gboard, Android 11. No other apps have the issue, so it's not Gboard. -- Reporting back (on July 11, 2021...original post April 12, 2021). About a month after I reported this issue, somewhere in Evernote 10.8 stream, the issue seemed to be addressed. Now 3 months later and running Evernote 10.12 and issue has definitely been resolved (for me).
  2. Thanks everyone for suggestions. I filed a support ticket in parallel. What they and some users on this thread recommended almost completely fixed the issue for me. Here's what I did: - Login to Evernote Web interface - Expand my Notebook structure - Find an alternative notebook, other than my current default, to make the new default, and hit the ... menu and set as default notebook - Close, and then reopen Evernote app on my Android device At this point, when I create a new note, it's created in a new default notebook and works just fine. Then, I repeated all the steps above to switch back to my original default notebook. And at the end of it all, I could once again create new notes within my original default notebook. However, one side effect I noticed after doing all the above, is that in the notebook viewer on my Android device, I now see two entries of my default notebook above/below each other in the list of notebooks. They both have the same note count. And when I access either one it seems to access my default notebook just fine. But it was a very strange side effect of seeing my default notebook listed twice within the list of notebooks. I'm now working with Evernote support to try to fix this new side effect. Hope all this helps someone else. -Andy
  3. I have a Google Pixel 3a running Android 11 security update March 5, 2021. Evernote 10.6 auto-updated onto my Pixel 3a and broke ability to create and save a new note. So I now have a read-only note-taking app. When creating a new note, the save checkmark upper-left is always grey. I'm experiencing same slowness reported by others on Evernote 10. REALLY slow. But a read-only note-taking app on my mobile device (where I do most of my business...mobile), is useless. Anyone know of any fixes/workarounds to get 10.6 working on a Google Pixel phone running latest Android? I've already tried uninstall/reinstall of Evernote and clearing of Cache+Data. Thanks for any suggestions! -Andy
  4. Exactly same problem on Pixel XL. Over a week, search doesn't work anymore at all
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