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  1. There was an "all notes" option above the individual notebooks but it seems to have disappeared in the recent update. Is this an "improvement" or is it just well hidden?
  2. Great! When I moved the note to the new notebook it warned it was losing some connections - and apparently they were the issue. The minute it was moved I was able to delete it. Thank you!
  3. I reinstalled. That eliminated the problem with switching accounts but the sync error remains. The problem seems to be a note with one word in it (used to be bigger but I deleted everything I could). No, I can't delete it.
  4. I had to reinstall Evernote. I downloaded it from the web site, version I seem to have a permanent sync error. Note that despite the error (red exclamation) the Activity Log says the sync was completed. Further, although I have premium accounts, it won't let me switch to another one of my accounts. First it said the login was wrong. It wasn't. Then it decided it could not connect to the service even though I was connected in another account. Are these errors in the latest version?
  5. I am using a desktop. I didn't check the web version. However, I believe I have solved the problem. I deleted a couple programs I recently gave access to and for good measure rebooted again. It is working at the moment. I will keep those suggestions in mind in the future. Thanks.
  6. Very odd issue. Pictures, pdfs and the like clipped from the web no longer show up in Evernote. I tried going to the link preserved with the note, reclipped using Clearly and Web Clipper (in Chrome). I also selected all and did a copy and paste. Multiple web sites involved. Generally the PDF was saved to Evernote. Nothing gives me the pictures, pdfs and other things that I assume come through as images. This is recent, not sure how long. It's like a setting got changed - seems consistent across the notes - but I can't figure it out. I should add that if I use the snippet view or the card view, in those views I can see the image/pdf but in the actual note I can't.
  7. I just got an email from Evernote with a new send to email address, even more impossible to remember. Has there been a security breach or did I just get lucky? I have a premium account. If I do a support ticket can I chose something I can remember?
  8. This happens to me. My email and other accounts do it too. I just assumed it was a security "feature."
  9. That's the version I have and that works for me. That's all I need. THANKS!
  10. They are both premium accounts. I don't see account switching.
  11. I need to sign into my account and save my info but from time to time I need to be able to save info to another account. They must be kept separate. Right now I have to sign out of Evernote and sign into the other account or have one on my desktop and the web version of the other account open. Is there a way to have two accounts open at the same time? This is only necessary on my computer. I don't use both while mobile. I first asked this question 3 or 4 years ago.
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