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  1. You can import to Devonthink pro. I wouldn’t call it pretty, but it gets most of the job done in alternative to Evernote.
  2. Instead it bothers me because I am paying for premium and the feature has not been working properly for a year. Evernote is loosing it...
  3. No you cannot edit on the Mac client, it has been broken for over a year. It forces you to save under a different name and then you need to reattach and delete the old one. It reminds me the good old Lotus Notes in 1996 (I was quite young then). Boooooo.
  4. I have exactly the same issue with safari and it's clipper - all clipped images are black - or empty
  5. I am facing exactly the same problem on the latest Mac client
  6. This is a great idea, wonder why nobody picked up on this. I am desperate for a better way to organize my Evernote notes, timestamps and tags are not enough.
  7. If I upload 500 mb a month... I'd have a very large archive in a few years time, with potentially lots and lots of clutter... It'd be interesting to have some notebook available only online for archival. At the same time it would be useful to have local only archives, you could do that now with a separate account if you wish but it's a workaround. Any thoughts? Cheers
  8. The personalbrain is not really a good replacement for evernote (I've used it for years), something like a normal webclipper is more suited, but nobody clips as fast, as intuitively, as ubiquitously as evernote.... but then... if you clip fast you need to "classify" fast and that's where we need the fancy features, intersections, saved searches nested or mixed with tags. Forcing to flat every note out (no hierarchies) and splitting keyword tags (saved searches) from other tags it's innatural, it's a "developer" approach to manage information... anyway...
  9. If they remove the "2.2" features they are basically entering the same market as Google notebook (besides character recognition, and offline availability) a move which would be plain silly. I'll keep 3.0 installed some more and see how it evolves, I really don't have an alternative anyway at this point in time (that is, I do but it has a hierarchical structure and that's the reason why I turned to evernote to start with).
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