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  1. Big Sorry I certainly did not mean you. I was talking about developers. Very SORY. and Sorry for my bad English.
  2. I thought it was just a minor mistake about which you simply forgot. But I looked at the forum and I see that it has been dragging since last year. For me, evernote is dead. Thanks
  3. Very sad. A couple of years ago it worked fine. Now it took again. And does not work. On the picture. That moment when it worked. It is very important for me.
  4. I am waiting for corrections for a week. If this error is not corrected. I will be forced to leave in oneNote forever. Evernote... please fix it.
  5. NO. oneNOTE use color from sap. see video. but evernote not copy color on 3 computer tested. my home and 2 on my work.in Windows10
  6. Hello Its video for my problem. Me need copy programmed code with color text. From SAP R3. but Evernote not copy color text. OneNote copy color code normaly. What should I do so that the code is copied in color to evernote? thanks Thanks.
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