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  1. Well, another month has gone by and still no solution for this? Does anyone ever work on the dev team anymore, or are they only keeping the servers patched and online?
  2. Item 1 is hard to overcome since changing one character in any encrypted text/file will likely compromise the entire note. But that's true of most any file type. For Item 2, since they already use AES-256, which is about as standard as you can get these days, I am guessing that rather than storing just the text of the output encryption, you would like the note to be encrypted, wrapped in some third-party file format, and then added to a note as an attachment, rather than text?
  3. I really like the workflow of the Linux version, so I may just install that version on my Mac and give it a try, but as for the regular MacOS version, how does one do the one-time (shared) password function? I have the Lock/Unlock, but don't see a one-time function I swear I saw mentioned elsewhere. Also, after the first encryption pass, I noticed that part of the word "Encrypt" appeared on that button over the lock, but the same does not appear on the Un-lock button. Perhaps an artifact of a prior version? Thanks, S
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