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  1. My Evernote account has 11k notes and over 100 tags in it, but my android app only shows 47 notes and 8 tags. It's the same account I can sync and nothing is added When I search for notes I know are in my Evernote account, it says No Results Found Is there a way to make my Android Evernote sync with the online account? Error Log: Note count=47 Res count=248 Checking DB status db pref Path=/mnt/sdcard/Evernote/.external-1315686380203-Evernote.db on sdcard=true Path from db instance=/mnt/sdcard/Evernote/.external-1315686380203-Evernote.db Version=44 Is Read only=false db file on sdcard exists::216064bytes::lastmodified=1320625793000 Offline Search is activated Offline Search Index is ready ENML COUNT=1 RES COUNT=0 IsTablet: false Brand: verizon_wwe Model: ADR6300 Network operator: 31000 / Verizon Wireless Android version: 2.3.4 Evernote version: 3.2.3 Evernote revision: 201284 Evernote type: public Evernote username: stuttermonkey Internal storage: 404 MB / 748 MB External storage: 13 GB / 14 GB
  2. I imported my Delicious bookmarks into Evernote and have spent some time cleaning them up. I'd like to get rid of the Delicious notebook that was created, and just have all of my tags in my main notebook. Does anyone know how to move tags from one notebook to another?
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