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  1. Hi @CalS.. oh yes it worked ! The fact of that the "Hint" used for the initial password appears when encrypting new text confused me making me think that one must use the same password as before. I now realize that one may enter a new passphrase to encrypt the new text. Thanks again! G.
  2. Hi @CalS.. yes I can Decrypt the text permanently. That eliminates the encryption on the chosen text. However, when I re-encrypt, no new password is requested but instead the one I introduced the first time is used. Best regards.
  3. Thanks @CalS for your reply. I could not reproduce what you suggest. That is, I cannot decrypt permanently and then re-encript with another password. Even if I could, the original problem would still be unsolved, namely, how to change the password that was set the first time. Best regards.
  4. Has anyone figured out how to change the password to encrypt/decrypt text once set for the first time ? Help is appreciated !
  5. Hello, is there any way to change the passowrd used to encript/decript text in the notes ? I have entered a too simple password the first time just to try out the encription and now there seems to be no way to change it. Thanks in advance, Gerard.
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