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  1. Thank you CalS, but aren't all our info and notes stored on the cloud with Evernote? Or is there an option to store it locally on our hard drive? And how do I know where it is currently being stored?
  2. Hi. I am currently signed up as an Evernote Premium account that I pay for using my work email address. I want to change it to my personal email (in case I no longer work for this company anymore) but I am not sure if that will mess up everything in my account. Right now, with my Evernote, I am signed-in using my Enterprise G Suite email login, so when I login at work, it pushes me thru an SSO (Single Sign-On) screen (for security) and then I have to approve it thru my "Duo" (app) to approve it for double security. If anyone is technical enough in here to understand what I might be asking, can you help answer my question - I want to change my work email address out and use my personal email address. Both are Gmail accounts. But the current one used is an Enterprise G mail login (work email). If I change my email address to a personal regular 'gmail' one, will anything change in my account? I have a ton of stuff there I can't afford to lose. I want to know before I make any changes. Please help.
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