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  1. Since upgrading to EverNote 10 (currently build 2171) it seems to be running with a lot more CPU. I decided to move back to the legacy version because of this and the really slow query times, slow to add content (like a screenshot to a note). I do have a lot of note (about 20,000) but I don;t think this is the way it should be scaling. And some machine info... I really should not be having any problems...
  2. Since upgrading to EverNote 10 (currently build 2171) I can no longer save a pdf from FoxIt to Evernote. This capability was working prior to upgrading from Evernote 6 to Evernote 10. I am on FoxIt Opening a pdf note from EverNote uses FoxIt (default pdf reader), and any edits are saved back to the original note. Any advice on how to restore this FoxIt function? Thanks.
  3. I have FoxIt as my default pdf editor and if I open a PDF, from Evernote 10.5.7 build 2171, it uses FoxIt and I have full editing available. If I save that file from FoxIt, it updates the note in EverNote.
  4. Confirming that all is well again with Web Clipper and FireFox.
  5. Just hit the same situation. Firefox updated and (6) extensions are now blocked from running, including Web Clipper. Follow the extension link and get the following: There is no problem with my network connection. I don't think there is anything to download!
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