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  1. @DTLow Again: I deleted the note and emptied the trash. I can still see lines of texts from that note in the exb file, even when restarting Evernote or logging out and in.
  2. Nevermind, I found it. The table is called "fts"
  3. @DTLowThanks for your answer I really appreciate that I don't know, but seems like Evernote does store trashed notes. Where can I find the texts from my note with DBBrowser? Been looking through every table but could not find where the texts are located
  4. I wanted to archive a note by exporting it as an enex file, store it on my external drive and delete that note from my Evernote account so it would only lay as an enex file on my external drive. Now I had to get the note back to Evernote, so I tried to import the enex file back to Evernote but suddendly the file was corrupted as I mentioned in another thread: It seems like there is no way to fix the file. So I had the idea to check whether I could find the note in the big .exb database file which Evernote stores locally on the PC. I opened it with Notepad++ and indeed I was able to find sentences which belong to that perticular note, but they are spread all over the file so I was not able to reproduce it. It seems like Evernote is storing the history of every note that was created. Is there any way to export a trashed note out of the exb file? Edit: I have Premium subscription but it seems like the status isn't updated in my forum profile.
  5. I exported this note last week and tried to import it today, but I got this error. When opening the .enex file with Notepad++ it seems like there are a bunch of "NUL"s until normal text is shown. Did something go wrong during the export? Operating system: Windows 10 64bit Kind regards, Daniel
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