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  1. Thanks. Closing the Evernote icon in the taskbar got rid of my old note.
  2. How do I change the starting note in Evernote 10.10.5? One particular note with old content is displayed every time I start Evernote. I would like to change this to another note with more useful content. Even better would be to start with Home. The object is to have a useful starting place for my day's work.
  3. Changes to notes are immediately final - some kind of versioning would be good to save yourself from mistakes, better than using just CTRL-Z. If e.g. typing focus changes from tag selection to note text without you noticing this until it is too late. Happened to me, and required a long and labourius re-creation of the note. One day I may not be fortunate enough to be able to re-create a note! As the saying goes - real men don't use backups - they remember what they wrote.
  4. I am not a huge fan of the great amount of light grey text. It is hard to read for people who are not 20-year-old programmers using a huge screen. I get that it is useful for unavailable menu items, but text should be black for available menu items which is not the case for e.g. the Insert drop down menu. Also, notes snippet would be better readable with darker text with not only the heading in black.
  5. Move to notebook - needs search ability in web version. Or a start writing function where the function fills out the term. Tag selection is much better, and the two should have similar functionality. Move to notebook - the Windows app is better with notebook selection available in a drop down list directly, instead of seleting a menu item. Moving between notebooks is one of the most frequently performed organizational tasks, and needs to be extremely simple.
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