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  1. It's a free service where you can set up a notebook in your Evernote account and any notes you 'publish' will post to your Postach.io blog. It's pretty cool and it's great for a free blog. Here is mine, it's pretty basic as I have my main blog at Typepad: https://anndroidgirl.postach.io/
  2. I'd love to see Spaces in Premium accounts too.
  3. Thanks! I might just do that. I like to support things I use.
  4. I've had no issues with it. I'm running Mac OS so that might be the difference. I love being able to save certain mails to Evernote this way.
  5. So, I have a blog with Typepad and it's nice, but I've been paying around with Postach.io and it's Evernote blog. It's pretty cool. I just wish they had a trial of the paid plan to see if it's worth it. Anyone use Postach.io with Evernote to blog? I use Evernote for everything else, why not blogging?
  6. I have been thinking of getting a Chromebook since I use Evernote for everything and wouldn't need a lot of programs, but I was thinking I would just use the web version. So, if I get one, I can use the version from the Play store, yes?
  7. I would love to have an option to change what view the app opens in. I would love to have it open with the list of Notebooks. Is this something that is possible or something that is coming in future updates? I am a beta user of the Android app if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  8. Makes sense. I am just glad I saved the email to my phone and other devices. I'd never remember it. 😛
  9. The mail to address that Evernote generates is pretty cool, but I was hoping that at some point they could make it editable. Say it's evernoteuser3432432@m.evernote.com . it would be awesome if it could just be your username instead. Anyone else think this would be a cool addition?
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