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  1. Yeah come on Evernote. I appreciate a significant base of browsers are Webkit or Chromium based but even Microsoft have learnt they didn't help move the web forward by forcing IE6 standards on everyone. Firefox remains a popular browser too. On anything other than Chromebooks, where Firefox for Linux is odd, I always use Firefox. Chrome is decent but Firefox is just sop much better.
  2. I've come here too due to the obnoxious message telling me to use Chrome or Safari. I don't ******* want to use Chrome or Safari. Safari on Windows sucks and Firefox Quantum s a significantly more powerful browser than Chrome. Why did you design your site to use a specific rendering engine? Why aren't you using Open Standards that work on all modern browsers, of which Firefox is one of them? Please don't remove the old version of the site, which seems to work fine in Firefox. Incidentally I didn't get this message using IE11 or Edge both of which don't support Webkit?
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