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  1. I will do my best to not make this a rant. I just lost 2 hours of work ... again. It's not Evernote's fault, per se, but there was something the EN team could have done ... add a "connectivity status" indicator to the web version. I had no idea that I lost Internet connectivity. Evernote just sat there happily sucking up my keystrokes and giving me my pretty list, tables, and paragraphs. I needed to change notes to verify an item and - BAM! - I'm not online, so all the work I just did ... POOF! Gone. Had I known I was offline, I could have at the very least done a select-all/copy and come back when connectivity was back. What makes this exceedingly frustrating is the nature of Evernote, or at least the way I use it. It's a wonderful tool to use as a creative scratchpad. So two hours of musing, capturing fleeting thoughts, working out the occasional detail and "to-do's" ... all gone.
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