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  1. NOT A RANT. Just telling it like it is ... Sad to say, I'm done with Evernote. I don't have the time - let alone the mental energy - to re-port, tweak, twiddle, and reformat all my notes a third time. It's unfortunate that proper technical support is only available as a "paid perk." Had I the opportunity to submit a ticket and find a solution, I may have considered returning as a paid customer.
  2. Ha! Cake, meet icing. (Or perhaps "wound, meet salt" would be more apropos.) As I noted in a recent comment, I'm already (apparently) using the "old interface." I took the suggestion and flipped versions to see if perhaps that might set me right. It didn't. It actually destroyed all my bullet list sub-indents for every ... single ... note ... ever ... created - and across all notebooks, to boot! I panicked and jumped back to the "old interface;" the now de-indented bullets persist. So, all my indentations are lost. ((sigh)) And the inter-line bullet spacing is still randomly inconsistent from bullet to bullet.
  3. Hmm. There is no button at the bottom, right. There is a button at the bottom, left - its the "account" icon. When I click on that, there's an option "Switch to the new Evernote Web" ... so I'm guessing I'm already using the "old" version now.
  4. Literally 24 hours ago, the user interface for the web version has drastically changed. Is this a real change or did I mistakenly activate a "new" or "beta" user experience? I ask, because I do not like it ... at all. Tags are now at the top, not the bottom. I can no longer tag from the keyboard, i.e. type tag, space, type tag, space, etc. Now I have to click, type, click, type. Padding space around bullet list items is all kinds of wrong ... too much space between bullets random bullets have yet more extra padding below sub-bullets have yet even more extra padding a huge gutter/gap between the notes/notebooks column and the body of the current note with no way to adjust, resize, etc. I mean, honestly, the bullet lists are a mess. At a quick glance, my lists appear bloated, looking double or even triple spaced at points. I just opened Evernote this morning to continue with some notes and I was slapped in the face with ... this. I don't know if anything else has changed yet ... I have been using Evernote for a long time. Whatever is going on has "retroactively" affected thousands of my notes. If this truly is a UI/UX change - and not a mistaken settings change on my part - is the kind of "snafu" that caused me to walk away from Evernote several years ago. I've only returned to Evernote in the past six months, and this time with a free account. (I paid for years only to have "things change" to such a degree that I found the system unusable.) I have always used Evernote primarily for project notes, project to-do's, and idea capture. Layout and formatting is critical for me. You break that, you break my flow - and it just broke. It sounds silly, but the last time I left Evernote, it was because they changed the rendering of the "divider line;" what was being rendered as a simple separator suddenly had new formatting rules resulting in divider lines "moving" and looking like title/body dividers. I formatted my notes to use a divider as both a block separator and a title/body separator; suddenly every use of the divider was transformed into a title/body format. This time around, I hope it was because I accidentally changed some setting; I'm hoping someone will be able to tell me how to revert because I can't seem to find any option to do so. If this is a new UI/UX change to Evernote, we'll have to break up again. They cannot keep changing how text is rendered and expect users to continue using their service. :(
  5. I will do my best to not make this a rant. I just lost 2 hours of work ... again. It's not Evernote's fault, per se, but there was something the EN team could have done ... add a "connectivity status" indicator to the web version. I had no idea that I lost Internet connectivity. Evernote just sat there happily sucking up my keystrokes and giving me my pretty list, tables, and paragraphs. I needed to change notes to verify an item and - BAM! - I'm not online, so all the work I just did ... POOF! Gone. Had I known I was offline, I could have at the very least done a select-all/copy and come back when connectivity was back. What makes this exceedingly frustrating is the nature of Evernote, or at least the way I use it. It's a wonderful tool to use as a creative scratchpad. So two hours of musing, capturing fleeting thoughts, working out the occasional detail and "to-do's" ... all gone.
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