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  1. Maybe I have missed something but I think they still did not implement what would have been the most important for me: The ability to easily add new tags on the go when you want to save a link directly from inside of the browser on your iPhone. When I want to do that with the corresponding Evernote icon (see attached image 1) a small window opens up and I can add tags (see attached image 2). However, I can only add the tags from a prefabricated list (see attached image 3). If that list is very long that might mean that I have to scroll through the whole thing to find what I need (as there is no search function in this view) and I don't have the option to add a new tag right away in case that I haven't defined the one I need for the respective link I want to save. Of course I can add more tags later in the Evernote app directly but that seems inefficient to me. That is pretty much the only reason why I still mainly use another app called Pocket to save my links, as it currently solves this problem more elegantly in my opinion even if it has a lot less additional features compared to Evernote.
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