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  1. On 9/23/2018 at 5:44 AM, pulkitnt said:

    I think the extremely low traction on this thread indicates that not many programmers use Evernote for note taking! If Evernote could just incorporate this one feature(language formatting like https://typora.io/ ) it may appeal to a much larger audience!

    I'd like to posit another direction regarding code block - that not all who use code are programmers!

    I run a website, and as a solo-preneur, that means I need to find ways to code myself sometimes. 

    I use Evernote for everything related to my business - I blog/write in Evernote, I keep track of business receipts, I log all my marketing in Evernote.  What I'd also like to do is keep track of snippets of code that I write for website themes, plugins, widgets, and CSS.  

    The "wider audience" might not be the programmers - it might be the thousands and thousands of women like me who are already using Evernote for their #sidehustle and want another reason to stay with Evernote and another reason to pitch Evernote at places like BlogHer.  That isn't a small market-share.

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