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  1. @PinkElephant- could you like, or help quantify, the "scripting import routine" that you speak of?
  2. Long time Evernote Premium user, first time post... Since Evernote was nearly dead of any updates until recently I switched from Evernote to Apple Notes for a little over a year. Things went well, but coming OUT of the Apple Notes to return to Evernote is not seemingly as easy. I realize part of the problem is the Apple ecosystem and inability to convert easily, but I also find the limited ability of Evernote to Import things like .rtf files creates problems as well. So... Has anyone recently (late 2020) had any GOOD conversions from AppleNotes to Evernote? I've used the AppleScript example in the forums that don't work and people have abandoned, NoteExport, Exporter, etc and nothing seemingly works. Am I just to abandon my hope of coming back to Evernote?
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