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  1. Oh that's an interesting idea. Like send it to a different end point and then from that point send it to Evernote? The problem is that I can't think of anything else other than Zapier (I guess IFTTT might be an option) that works automatically. Do you know where I could have zapier send that HTML from which I could use IFTTT to send that over to evernote? I'd prefer a direct Outlook->Zapier->Evernote integration if possible but will consider this as a last resort. I am making a case for using evernote org-wide to my boss by the end of the month and this styling issue is driving me crazy because other than that EN would have my full endorsement. Ugh.
  2. Ah yes, I tried that too. Good thought but it seems to be something that happens at the API level so I'd need an example of a table that is styled at a fixed width and sent through API and appears correctly in EN. Thank you though, appreciate it!
  3. Thanks you so much for your response! My tables were styled similar to the note you appended but the problem is that evernote somehow clears out that style applied. I even tried being creative with padding and that didn't work either. Width styling only gets stripped out as it relates to tables it seems - any other random div is unaffected. Is this a table that works with Evernote's API? If yes, what integration is that for?
  4. Hi there! I've contacted support and I am still waiting to hear back but in the meantime I wanted to ask this community in case you have any ideas. I am using Zapier to integrate Outlook meetings with Evernote. I have a zap set up that creates a new note in Evernote every time a new meeting invite is sent to my Outlook calendar. The new note has a pre-set template that includes some information extracted by Zapier from the Outlook invite and along with some additional pre-set info I want every meeting note to contain (follow up tasks and decisions, meeting notes etc.). This new note styled in HTML in Zapier (I made sure the styling is ENML compliant) relies on tables to organize this information. Unfortunately, it seems that there's a breakdown that happens on Evernote's end that cleans out any styling of the tables that relates to width or spacing and removes any custom widths. Everything else shows up exactly as intended except for the widths. I triple checked with Zapier support that the breakdown doesn't happen on their end and they checked their logs being sent over to confirm their fields are being cleaned out by Evernote. Zapier support (side note: their customer support is stellar, even for free users) even offered to help me through the issue if Evernote can give us an example of an HTML table that works with their API and has a custom width. They said if Evernote can give us an example of table that works we can use that to build a note that does what I need. Does anyone here have any pointers or know of any examples we can use?
  5. Thank you so much for the response! That would be wonderful to do but I am not sure it can be done in Zapier - do you have any input on how to ensure that Zapier selects a template for every new note? I would be forever grateful. As far as I can tell there is no way to tell Zapier to use a pre-set template that we can then push text into.
  6. Hey there - just wondering if you found any way to do this inclusive of meeting attachments?
  7. Did you ever find a solution? Running into the same frustrating problem. :/
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