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  1. Thanks PinkElephant. How many do you fix per day on average?
  2. PinkElephant, thanks but I would not use Evernote with the regular version, I would probably use another tool. The new version is what makes it better It should be a very easy fix really, we're just talking about a javascript touchstart even or something like that. Just curious, how many cumulative hours are spent per week fixing bugs at Evernote?
  3. Anything please ? This is pretty much unusable since we cannot scroll! Thanks.
  4. Hi! Any update on this? This bug is still there, it makes the service nearly unusable on any TouchScreen laptop because there is no scrolling pad on such devices since people scroll with the screen. Thanks.
  5. Ah! Thanks. We do have developer skills that's fine. So something like this then: 1. NoteStore.listNoteBooks 2. Something to list the notes of a book (what's the function for this?) 3. NoteStore.getNoteWithResultSpec (withContent=true)
  6. Thanks a lot DTLow. If a third party has access to Evernote's raw data, is there a way we can have access to it as well?
  7. Anyone? No way to backup the data in case something goes wrong?
  8. To reproduce: 1. New note, Hit enter a couple of times so the document has a few empty lines. Then relocate cursor to beginning before these empty lines. 2. Type [] to create a checkbox and type XXXXX so it has some text next to it. 3. Hit enter to create another checkbox at next line but leave this line empty 4. Relocate cursor to the next line without hitting enter (the 3rd line, which is empty so far) 5. Type YYYYYYY to have some text in this line (still no check box) 6. Relocate cursor to beginning of this YYYYY line. 7. Press Backspace (which should remo
  9. Hi, I am using the Web version of Evernote. I also have Android phones and a Chromebook. No one has any Windows or Mac in the office, we all use Linux, Chromebooks or Android. How can we backup the data? We cannot commit to use exclusively Evernote if we have to rely only on a third party. If we lose everything we pretty much go bankrupt. Thanks!
  10. Hi there, There is a bug in the web version of Evernote. When editing a note (so that the formatting bar is visible) if I have a touch screen (e.g. Chromebook laptop) and use the screen to scroll in the note or to relocate the cursor, the edit mode is sort of disabled and it forces the cursor to go back to the first character of the document. The formatting bar also disappears. The only way to get out of that is to force the page to reload with CTRL+R. I constantly have to remember to never touch the screen and scroll with the arrow keys instead, which is annoying because of cou
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