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  1. Unfortunately, I did not get the email notifications about unauthorized access to my Evernote account. I discovered it by accident, and it had been going on from January 2019 (when an unauthorized device was added- also with no kind of notice back to me for confirmation) until I changed the password on April 12. I know we as users need to take responsibility for securing our accounts, but it seems Evernote has known about this situation for quite some time and whatever measures were put in place to help are not working. ~ Thanks.

    1. Attorney Mordekhova

      Attorney Mordekhova

      to whoever it may concern, am I the only one who is not able to resolve tech issues with Evernote? why pay for the software if it does not save the notes and does not back them up? no live person customer support, nobody cares? whats up with that? How do you guys survive in this market?? I keep losing my updated notes every DAY for the past week , nobody seems to know why or offer  a solution 


      I got a couple of lame responses from some tech support person named Joyce who basically told me that there is no problem with my account 




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