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  1. When I highlight some text, then hit command, it copies all the text in the template. The major problem with this is that if I want to "cut" the text, if I'm not careful, I lose everything. After highlighting the text, I need to wait a few seconds so that it doesn't do this. Very frustrating, not to mention dangerous. I lost an entire plot b/c I didn't realize what had happened.
  2. When I choose the text to copy and then hit the appropriate CMD C, if I do it too quickly (just normal speed, honestly) it selects the entire template. I have to choose the text, wait a few seconds, then hit CMD C. Anyone else having this buggy problem and/or know how to fix it?
  3. It would be hella-useful if when we leave notes to look at another note, that when we return, the cursor is right where we left off as opposed to starting at the top.
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