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  1. Thank you for your advice. But I used to be able to drag&drop with older version of Evernote desktop (until ver. 6.4.2). I tried to re-install older version, however older version doesn't allow me to log in with "can't connect to server" error.
  2. Yes, in that case, it works with no problem. Just drag from the popup window of Screenpresso to Evernote does not work.
  3. Hi, there. on Windows 10, I used to be able to drag & drop an image from popup window of ScreenPresso icon at taskbar to Evernote desktop, just like image below. but after update Evernote for windows, Evernote always freezes if I do this. This problem happens only with ScreenPresso app, but when I try the same drag&drop with different note app like Onenote, then it works no problem, So problem is from Evernote. I've tried reinstall but it does not fix the problem. If I use the short cut command (Ctrl+C & V) then, it works no problem. If there is any suggestion of fix this problem, please give me an advice. Thank you.
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