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  1. The -resource:image/* is indeed a usable workaround. Thanks for all your replies, everyone. Cheers
  2. 'smart titles' imply that you know in advance what search words you are gonna use. When I'm composing a note, I don't want to think about how I want that note to be findable. That's something the search engine should take care of for me. You need to use 'smart titles' cause the EverNote search engine is not smart.
  3. The thing is, OCR will never be 100% free of errors. So I just don't want to include it in my index. But Apparently this is not possible in EverNote, yet. Oh well
  4. of course, One cannot put all relevant key words in the title.
  5. Hello, since search results are poisened by false positives caused by crappy OCR, I want to disable OCR in order to get more accurate searches. Is there a way to do this? Thanks
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