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  1. I used to use EverNote for everything, using single-level notebooks and lots of tags. When they added the ability to stack notebooks, I was happy for awhile, but it really wasn't enough. I recently started using Bublup, which lets me nest folders as many levels deep as I want. This makes it very easy for me to organize things in whatever way works for those things. Any given folder can hold any kind of data: links, notes, images, files, even more folders. The only thing Bublup doesn't do is tags. But I've discovered that for almost everything I'm doing right now, I don't need tags, because I c
  2. I see that people have been requesting this for two years. I use my Android phone for just about everything, except things that are just too big to display properly on the phone (like big spreadsheets), and things that the Android versions of apps that I use won't do. I don't like the idea of firing up my laptop just to print a note. Please add printing to the Android app.
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