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  1. I store MANY MANY PDF's. The notebooks I keep them in do NOT need to be sync'd and can be LOCAL notebooks. If I do a search, will the OCR work in LOCAL notebook PDF's?
  2. Thanks! That will clean up a lot of my desktop space as well. Did not want to start deleting folders on desktop until assured from experienced users that Evernote is solid. You folks are awesome.
  3. I am also keeping the same date in folders directly on my hard drive - AS WELL as what is in the Evernote database. Am I doing double work, or is that extra "back-up" step something others of you do?
  4. Another question. Right now I am keeping everything on my Mac hard drive AND in Evernote. Any reason to not keep it strictly in Evernote, in ya'lls opinions? Thanks.
  5. Ah - thank you. Wondered if 2nd email was required - not specified in help topics on Evernote site. Thank you so much!
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