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  1. Thanks to everyone for the good discussion and Evernote for providing the forum. Using the guidance from @DTLow and @EdH, I have implemented the following approach: 1. Select all applicable notes in the Note List 2. Right Click > Copy Internal Links 3. Paste (as text) into Excel 4. Use Excel Function to extract the GUID (=right(a1, 36)) //assuming they are all 36 characters in length
  2. @DTLow Thanks again for the reply. My reason for wanting the GUID is so I can measure my progress, week-over-week. I would I like to know what of my notes (i.e. tasks) were completed, started, deferred, etc... The "names" of my notes change with enough frequency that it's not a reliable field to measure against.
  3. Thanks DTLow. Any chance I can view multiple note's GUIDs at one time, similar to any other attribute?
  4. Hi I am looking for a way to view/access the specific GUID of a given note. Ideally I would like to be able to include to view in the note list. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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