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  1. Having the same problem as member above: Member stated: Evernote now won't start at all. Doubleclicking its icon has no effect. Selecting it in "all programs" has no effect. Even doubleclicking on the evernote.exe file has no effect. Followed all of your suggestions and will still not open. (It has probably hung. Launch Task Manager and make sure all Evernote*.* apps are killed, then try. If that fails, reboot your PC and try. That should fix 99% of the Evernote failing to start issues. If that fails, download the latest version, install that, and try again. If that fails, then your database is probably corrupt and Evernote crashes when reading it. That is a whole different process so post back if it is still not working.) So, if a corrupt database is the problem, what can be done next? (My web account appears to be fine)
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