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  1. Thanks @DTLow, but I looked, And I have been only following 2 (Web Clipper ones), and I don't think that topic was on Web Clipper:
  2. Hi, today I checked my notifications on this forum, and I got a notification that someone commented on a post, and I wasn't following it, haven't followed it, I HAVEN'T EVEN POSTED IN IT, or I never even looked at that post, I was so confused. Here is a screenshot to explain:
  3. Hi, I have used Web clipper and it keeps on asking me to refresh my page for it to "log in", I do, and then it does it AGAIN, Even when my Evernote is logged in. Please help me. I want to use the web clipper. It sometimes works, sometimes doesn't
  4. So you lost a lot of notes? I think when you upgrade to premium it will see note history, but only for a short time for before you upgraded.
  5. Ok, so 13 notebooks and 853 notes is not too much to worry anything about, so I'd personally suggest a Support Ticket (when you press "support ticket", in order to get a support ticket, its kinda tricky because it doesn't open right up to the "Support Ticket". It will open up to an "Evernote Support" page, so, in order to get a support ticket, you have to fill out these specifically: where it says "What can we help you with?", you press the box and press "My Account", then the next box says "Select a topic", you put in "unable to log in", and when you scroll down, it has some words, then there
  6. Ok, two more questions, How many notes do you have? How many notebooks do you have?
  7. Oh, does it work more than it doesn't, or does it not work more than it does?
  8. I think contacting Evernote support via. Email if your a subscriber, or via. Twitter at @evernotehelps would probably be helpful, but if my above post /\ helps, then you don't need to. Or another option is DM ing (personal messaging) staff on this Forum like @Nick L. or @Shane D..
  9. Ok, so beta version is like the "new-version-before-it's-released-which-probably-has-bugs" type of version. I am confused now, how did it all of a sudden start working? or does it work, then not, work, then not, work, then not etc...? Or did it just work when you opened it?
  10. Hey @Ballfreak10, I have a few questions: Could you send a screenshot to clarify what happens? Have you logged out and re-logged in? Have you deleted it the re-downloaded it? Which iPhone do you have? What version of Evernote do you have? Do you have Beta version? Do you have more than just iPhone that you use for Evernote? If so, then which devices do you have? I'm sorry I'm hammering you with so many questions on the first post, but, it will help me help you . . .
  11. Oh, I don't really think that is possible, as I've said before, at least I don't think it is, but you can change the subject, only if you can edit in the note, and write down next to the title ( in parenthesis ), the person that shared it: "Created by" and "Shared with" info in non-shared notebooks [ mlu ] Also, you could make a note book for each person that shares with you and put the notes in there, but I think a lot of notebooks would be really roomy.
  12. I dunno, I have never tried, I've wondered, but, just to be clear, you are wanting to see shared notes in unshared notebooks? If so, then ( another question ) are they notebooks that you shared with someone, or ones that someone else has shared with you?
  13. I TOTALLY agree to this! And also I looked at it and it has 19 pages instead of 9 @turnwhipple.
  14. @Daniel K, I am sorry about that, what I was trying to say was that instead of pressing the escape key, then you could press done to get out of full screen. But, just to be clear, you were wanting to have it displayed that the Esc. key is used for escaping out of fullscreen when you are in the Evernote app on Mac? I think I kind of understand a little more. Thank you for making it a little more clear. I also apologize because the screenshots were probably not very helpful because it was an older version of Evernote, it was like that because the computer that I am on is way to old to upgrade t
  15. @Daniel K, When you get into fullscreen mode ( away from here ) : Then, when in full-screen, then go to the top and there will be a "done": Or, did you want to be able to press Esc. instead of going to the top to press buttons?
  16. Hey @MRJ, do you realize that this is a user-supported browser? We are not Evernote, but you could open a Support Ticket, or contact Evernote via E-mail or Twitter. But there is staff here, like @Nick L., and @Shane D.. They may be able to help you, but it would be best with a Support Ticket.
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