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  1. I can't understand why evernote doesn't have the notebooks exist within expandable stacks on the left the way it used to in the "classic" version. For example, I can have a stack called "spanish" and click on this stack which would then show me my notebooks "spanish verbs," "idioms," "grammar," etc, each of which would contain many notes on their respective subjects. This is a way for me to organize academic content in a usable way. Now, the left hand side shows me my notebooks (all 75 or so of them), not the stacks. So I see notebooks that say "idioms" and can't tell which stack this came from (was it from Spanish? Italian? English?). The same thing when I try to move a note - which used to be easy but is now also a clunky process requiring many clicks - where in the move window it shows me all my notebooks, not in their respective stacks (so there is no way to tell which "idioms" folder I am moving my note into). If I click on the notebooks heading I can bring up my stacks, but now I can't easily work with my notes within this view which now dominates the whole screen. Maybe I am an old cranky man, but why are the new versions (current and beta) so much less functional than the initial classic version? I continue to use this, but it is no longer well supported... my work computers will not load it correctly. At least it works on my home computer, but that it is. I am not sure what evernote gained by moving away from the very functional and intuitive classic version into these other versions. I will probably look for new software once classic mode is fully unsupported. Just my own personal gripe/ 2 cents. I pay for evernote and use it daily, so these things do make a difference for me. I would love to see you bring back some of the simple and intuitive functions of the version that made evernote popular. Thanks!
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