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  1. I hope this feature will be back in the future. I am currently unsure if I should stay with Evernote or switch to another tool which is future-prof. Is there something like a roadmap for future features of the 10 series?
  2. Well, I am not happy with the new version of EN. I tried out EN 10 10.9 and it looks nice but what I missed was the ability to have multiple EN windows. I usually have two or three windows open. Each with an different notebook. I think this funtionality, which is very important for me, is gone with EN 10 or will it be back in one of the later versions?
  3. Are the other usual inline code hacks like * or _ also supported?
  4. I started using Evenote, because I had a lot of things taped and I thought I can use evernote as single storage solution. This usecase is still valid for me.
  5. Hi @gazumped, I hope they will recognize it. The editor is important to me and I really lack the ability to style source code quite easily.
  6. Frankly this is not an option for me. If I used a payed service, I don't want to build my own solutions.
  7. I am facing the same problem. I have an long screen recording and would like to add it as as attachment to the note for this recording. Beeing unable to manage also large files prevents me from using EN as single source for all my notes and reseach work.
  8. I realy miss this feature while writing text. Sometimes I would like to emphasise some words and it would be great simply to type **this is important** to get this is important.
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