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  1. I don't know if it's a bug in Evernote or Windows - but not a feature for sure. The same symptom occured in Photoshop when clicking on any element of Tools bar - and it was a Adobe PS bug. It might be the case with Evernote, too, perhaps. Maybe it happens only when using Wacom pen-like tools instead of a mouse or touchpad. Anyway I would be happy to find a solution. Usually it goes like this (Oh, as it happened in this very moment!) - There are tags and notes among my Shortcuts at the top of the left panel. - I simply clicked on one of them with my Wacom Intuos pen (that's like a left click with the mouse) - That choosen shortcut suddenly disappeared from the Shortcut menu (it is still there among tags, 'cos it's a tag) - So I have to right click on it - under tags - and choose 'Add to Shortcuts' in the pop-up menu That's all. Mysterious.
  2. I'm using Windows 8.1 with Wacom Intuos pen and Evernote - always the latest version. Unfortunately there's a phenomenon that is so much annoying for years. In the left panel where the lists of shortcuts, notes, etc. are to be found when clicking on any of the items, sometimes the choosen one is accidentaly being removed from the list, it dissapears. My suggestion is: Wouldn't it be possible to build in a "Lock left panel" option in the preferences that could be accessed with a right click in the panel area as well?
  3. Thanks for the idea. I've just tested it but unfortunately did not work.
  4. I'm using Wacom Intuos pen with Windows 8.1 and the latest Evernote. It is so annoying for ages when right clicking on a shortcut or a notebook or any title in the list of items it often accidentally dissapears or gets under a new notebook stack. Would it be possible to turn off this unwanted behavior somehow?
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