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  1. Everything came back to normal behaviour at the time of my last post in Nov, 2019. I suppose that an update fixed the problem but I do not use an iPad . Just to be sure, I went back to the same sites that had problems and clipped the same articles. Today I did it using the latest Chrome and Safari stable versions in Mac OSX 10.15.3 and Windows 10 1909, Evernote Clipper version - 1.0.5(30) and desktop version 7.14 (458265 App Store). The result was a well formed note. So my best possible suggestion is to update the Evernote to the last version...
  2. I got back today to the notes in which the images were not included as described above. Searched for their title in Google , used the up to date web clipper, captured again as "simplified article" (as I had done before) and this time the images were included and saved as expected. I noticed that all described problems occurred when clipping from the same web site . Could not figure out what happened but now it is ok . I'm using Safari in a Mac.
  3. this is happening with me for at least 2-3 months. An example: I capture a post in a web site with Evernote Clip on Chrome. This post contains formatted text and images. When consulting the notes either on Evernote client or in the Web version the text is OK but the images are broken. I use Evernote on Mac OSX Mojave and Web version on Chrome. Versions of all software involved are updated as of today... Is there a workaround or fix?
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