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  1. Notion is more efficient than the latest version of Evernote. But there are two problem that block me for switching : - no api (so no intégration with scanner for example) - no local offline version. In case of disaster in there storage servers data are lost (little chance the problem occurs but not impossible ; see the destruction of a datacenter at ovh)
  2. This topic has more than a year. It seems that evernote don’t want to hear about tabs. Evernote is a whole part of my workflow anf I love this app, but I’m very disappointing when I see the how fast concurrents like Notion are moving forward.
  3. Since the last version, classical links (eg. evernote:///view) don't work. I've a promt that ask choosing an app to open the link. If I select Evernote it is ok, but it isn't as easy as before. I've the same problem on three computers. Is there a way to force that ?
  4. Do you have news about this bug ? This problem was solved by an older version but it has reappeared some weeks after.
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