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  1. When's the next estimated delivery time for fixing this issue? It's so annoying and it's making me go crazy! It's almost been 6 months since this issue has been reported on the forums already... I can't believe it's that complicated to fix accents since it was supported before that patch and other software normally handle this well! Thank you!
  2. Hi, I have the same problem; in the past, it used to work flawlessly but as OP pointed out after an update all my URLs linking to local files stopped working because of accents in the file path. It is very annoying. At the current time, the accent é is replaced with �, which makes the link to the local file broken. Thus I have to manually navigate to the file every time (and I have to access this file very frequently) and it is very time-consuming. Why can't EverNote go back to supporting accents in URLS? It shouldn't be too hard to fix! I have Windows 10, tested on local files, link recreation does not work, link modification by replacing the � with %E9 does not work either. Please address thank you!
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