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  1. Sadly, it immediately logs me out of Evernote, so the Pi shall have to wait.
  2. Ah, a support ticket. Is that all? I'll be sure to build a quantum Raspberry Pi right after I manage to find the "Open a Support Ticket" link.
  3. Several of our users received a phish containing a link to hxxps://www[.]evernote[.]com/shard/s403/sh/139acfef-adfb-04fe-6fdb-4e955a533162/66258479dbe18f0234f6f792c372d5f9, which contains a link to a phishing website. Where are we supposed to report malicious Evernote content? This is not the first time we've received such a phish, but there does not appear to be a way to report abuse of the Evernote platform.
  4. I recently "updated" to version 10.4.4 and installed the latest Evernote Add-in to Outlook 365, however, when I click on the Evernote button (in the browser-based version of Outlook 365), it just displays a blank popup/overlay with the Evernote logo - it doesn't actually include any option to "Save to Evernote." In the desktop version of Outlook 365, the Evernote Add-in doesn't appear at all I noticed that (unlike the Web Clipper in the browser), I wasn't asked to actually login to my Evernote account within the Add-in, so I'm wondering if it can't "Save to Evernote" because I'm not actually authenticated to Evernote from within Outlook 365. Is it just assuming I use the same password for O365 that I use for Evernote for Business???
  5. I'm on version (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539) on Windows, and since the latest release, I'm getting an extra newline when I Ctrl-Shift-V. It only seems to happen if the text I copy includes the end of the line - if I copy an individual word in the middle of a line, it's OK. I'm guessing Ctrl-C is picking up the \n, which is super annoying, since I do a lot of copy-and-pasting and continually have to backspace to get rid of the extra line. By the way, since Ctrl-Shift-V is intended to be "paste as text" it would be EXTREMELY helpful if it wouldn't ADD formatting to URLs. If I wanted that formatting, I'd use Ctrl-V.
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