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  1. Glad someone else agrees, thanks for the comment. And yes that would be good also to have a quick way to collapse them as well as you mentioned. I know there are a lot of us that are heavy users of "tags" they need to add function not take it away. Also to add I see now you cannot "drag and drop a note to the tags now when they are in the navigation sidebar. Not good!
  2. You mention "The tag functionality in the sidebar is very much reduced compared to the legacy. " In the Legacy at least we could see all the Parent Tags with the "nested tags" underneath. Now what Evernote does after you close Evernote and reopen they go back being under the "parent" collapsed instead of staying opened if your closed it like that. Many use tags so this is frustrating to manually have to reopen them all from under the parent each time you restart Evernote. Is this something that will be addressed later? Screenshot of what would be good to see in the sidebar is attached Thanks for you comments back. I love Evernote but this is the most important feature for me (12 year user).
  3. Thanks for asking I forgot that detail - it is a Mac. For me it only stays open to a certain level. The "A5. Hobbies" and "Hob- Bird" would be expanded but not anything inside that folder of the tags (per my attachment). I want all the tag folders expanded and to stay that way
  4. Since I see that this is a area a lot of folks use "tags" I use them heavily for my organizational needs. It seems that Evernote has changed something in the past year. In the sidebar (which I keep open all the time) I could see all my tags even the ones that were subtags. Now they collapse, so to see them I have have to click on the "right arrow" to expand it. I would like to keep all the tags showing even the subtags. Is there a trick to this? If not any hopes Evernote folks to add this function back? See my attachment for what I want to be able to see all the time with tags. Evernote issue with tags.pdf
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