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  1. I've been using Evernote for several years for my small team, mostly the free plan, and mostly as an automated notes repository. With my team expanding and with more funds, we've been seriously considering increasing the centrality of Evernote in our work processes, and upgrading to a paid plan. Which is when I logged into Evernote web, and within 20 minutes decided that what I need is a way to migrate my team and all my notes out of Evernote and into a better tool, one that's designed by a company that respects its users more. You see, I recently purchased a Chromebook, which became my main device. Which means I'll be using the web version most. I was pleased to see it's gotten a major update, but when it came to using it, it's just unbearably slow to an unusable degree. I don't want to wait for minutes every time I want to add a note or every time I want to switch from one note to the next. Add to that, there are just far more full featured options on the market now. I won't mention any here (I'm not here to plug any alternatives), just noting that new tools now have universal embeds, beautiful & smooth UI, fast operation, and no bugs. Some even have full-featured task management, spreadsheets/databases, etc on top. For a tool that needs to do just *one* thing and do it right and fast, Evernote is just very mediocre. Come to think of it, this is what made me stop using Evernote on a daily basis in the first place (preferring to simply make it an automated notes repository) several years ago - the very sluggish operation and the terrible UI/UX. I hoped all these years that it'll get better, but it only got worse. I didn't have to write this post btw, had Evernote had the foresight to allow non-paying users file technical reports/complaints, but then you expect me to pay *first* and then ask you questions about basic workablility/operation of your tool, which is frankly ridiculous. Now actively looking for alternatives to Evernote and for ways to migrate all 14k+ notes out.
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