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  1. I click the Evernote icon in the taskbar to open Evernote to select one of the 10+ latest notes I use daily. I perform this operation perhaps 100 times a day. Until this update where I have to right-click the taskbar icon, then select the Open Evernote menu item. This is a big thing for me. One of the reasons for using Evernote is the easy and efficient use. Please go back to previous behavior, or at the very least, make that a setting in preferences that one can choose default behavior when clicking the taskbar icon. (It works fine in version 10.1.7 installed on my other machine, but
  2. Evernote updated to version 8.9 (non-beta) last night, and this version seems to work well on my Google Pixel 3 XL running the latest Android Q beta. Thanks!
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