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  1. @Scott T. I have a free account I use for work and on Chrome the template option is there. I may not have tried Chrome on my Windows desktop at home but will tonight. I expect it will be there. Considering I can get to the templates through Chrome I think my problem is solved. I hope it works on Firefox before long, but I'm good for now. Thanks for your help.
  2. @Scott T. I tried the link https://www.evernote.com/client/web in Chrome and Firefox and the template button still does not appear. I tried it at home last night and had the same problem, but I tried it on my Windows desktop from home and was able to see the button and load the templates immediately. I bet you're right about a work firewall. So now it's just a matter of the template option not being available on the browser version of Evernote. I'm sure it's just a bug and you guys will fix it. I'm growing to appreciate this application the more I use it. Let me know if you discover that there's some correction I need to make on my end. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the quick responses, gentlemen! @Dave-in-Decatur I'm on my work Mac and tried restarting the program which didn't work. I could close everything, run the cleaner, then reboot and see. For now I have too many things open that I don't want to restart. I'll follow up on this thread if that works at the end of the day here. @Scott T. The link you sent gives me a warning that I'm entering a beta version, which I'm okay with, but then it doesn't recognize my email as having an account. I'd rather not start another account. If this feature is glitchy for now I can wait, but I'm on a trial premium version and am unlikely to buy in if this isn't fixed after my 7 days are up.
  4. Issue #1: The "Template" option in a new note is not available in the browser version. Issue #2: In the desktop version choosing the template option leads to an endless loading screen with the usual options for "Template Gallery" and "My Templates" both of which fail to populate and give the endless loading circle. Is this a known bug that's getting fixed? Or a new bug? Or is this somehow operator error? (I've been wrong once or twice before 🙂 This is a bit weird because just last week I used templates with no problems.
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