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  1. I've set up Apple Mail app on Mac to forward my incoming e-mail to Evernote, so that I save it all into a searchable archive. 
    And I've set gmail (admin console) to forward outgoing mail to Evernote too.. 

    The outgoing forward is flawless.. I can create and send from Apple Mail and the gmail server forwards it to Evernote. 
    The incoming mail comes in twice! That's a bit overkill. 
    I tried setting it up in the gmail server too..but it still comes in twice. So.. My conclusion is that Evernote gets it wrong. 
    I deleted the forward (and it didn't come in anymore) and recreated the rule. But it still comes in twice. 

    Anyone has a solution for this?

    And with that in mind.. does anyone have tips on how to archive them best and easiest? I'll browse around on the server..but tips are welcome!


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