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  1. I've set up Apple Mail app on Mac to forward my incoming e-mail to Evernote, so that I save it all into a searchable archive. And I've set gmail (admin console) to forward outgoing mail to Evernote too.. The outgoing forward is flawless.. I can create and send from Apple Mail and the gmail server forwards it to Evernote. The incoming mail comes in twice! That's a bit overkill. I tried setting it up in the gmail server too..but it still comes in twice. So.. My conclusion is that Evernote gets it wrong. I deleted the forward (and it didn't come in anymore) and recreated the rule. But it still comes in twice. Anyone has a solution for this? And with that in mind.. does anyone have tips on how to archive them best and easiest? I'll browse around on the server..but tips are welcome! Thanks!
  2. Thanks! This is a good tip..hadn't come across it yet!
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