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  1. First of all, I use the desktop program on my Windows computer. I have two accounts, both are personal, not business accounts. I will refer them as Account A and Account B. While I do know how to switch between the two without signing out of either, I am getting frustrated because I am unable to keep signed into both when I close the windows. Whichever one I most recently signed into is the one that opens up when I open the desktop app. For example, if I open up the app and Account A is signed in, and then I open Account B in a separate window, I can easily use both accounts at once. However, when I shut down my computer and turn it back on and open the app, it shows me signed in as Account B and I have to open another window to sign into Account A. I have tried to pin both to the desktop but that still opens up on hte most recently signed in account. What I would like is either a way to make it so Account A is ALWAYS the one it opens to, or I can assign one taskbar as A and another as B.
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