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  1. From what I can see, the only option for easily exporting ALL your Evernote notes is to: Be using the Legacy version (the proper desktop app, not the V10 local website app limited to exporting 50 notes) click All Notes Click the "..." to open the additional menu, and click Export Notes Unfortunately the above is a bad solution because it's just a flat collection of all notes. So if you had been using hierarchical notebooks (school -> marketing -> marketing101) for organization, that info is lost and you have to hope you can recreate it manually. Can anyone please post a working NON-MANUAL solution that would export my data while still providing the organizational context so I can recreate the hierarchy? Since Evernote can't seem to do it, I imagine this would require enscript, the scripting tool Evernote provides to developers. So given the following Evernote data: school (top level notebook/stack) school/marketing101 (marketing101 notebook) school/marketing102 Expected output is something like: school/school.enex (because I had also have notes in the top-level school notebook) school/marketing101.enex school/marketing102.enex (OR) school/whatever.enex school/marketing101/whatever.enex school/marketing102/whatever.enex
  2. You WILL watch the pointless agile web notifications. You WILL watch the frequent ads.
  3. Almost every commercial desktop software company's going crazy and rejecting their primary users (desktop) because they see mobile/tablet as a much larger potential market, rightfully so. Desktop is dying, or at least stagnating while mobile never stops growing. Just because we prefer it doesn't mean companies care. Mobile users don't understand the concept of local files, and tbh it's quite hidden by the mobile OS, so out goes local files, in comes online storage. Out goes advanced features, incomes streamlining, because multiple features confuse mobile users. There are many desktop apps that will let you take notes and have you own them, in local files. They tend to be open-source apps that won't auto-sync your stuff to their servers, and in general are a poorer experience than desktop Evernote (v6, not the latest V10). Off the top of my head: Joplin, QOwnNotes, StandardNotes. The 3rd one saves locally but sync to their servers by default. The first two are local, but can sync via your own Dropbox, or Nextcloud. They save in an open format, on your filesystem, and let you export your data to other formats at will. Another commercial option is Obsidian. It's also local text files.
  4. @gazumped FYI, StandardNotes is 4.17/month on a 1 year deal. 1.86/month if you buy 5 years. So evidently some companies think that's a valid pricing tier. I'd pay 2/month for Evernote for life. I don't need the bells and whistles, I just write text notes with the occasional photo in them. Right now Evernote doesn't have a "pay as you use" model. So I'm expected to pay 10/month, same as someone annotating large PDFs, uploading videos, and using other processing and storage intensive features. Way too expensive. So I was on the free plan, and now that the free plan became hostile to users, I'm migrating.
  5. I would recommend, no matter what you pick, to look for the following in your replacement: 1) Dedicated desktop app 2) Allows you to keep all your data locally. Make frequent backups. 3) Not written in Electron (like Evernote V10) 1 and 3, are because the sort of developers who use Electron (like Evernote V10), don't care for stability, or point releases. They want you on the "latest beta version" at all times, and expect to auto-update you to it. They don't care if your desktop experience limited by the limitations of web pages, and they will pull features whenever they feel like it. It's just easier for them to write a single app that works on desktop + mobile + web browser if they do this. Electron is a way of life to those people, the lowest common denominator where your app is a local webpage. Unfortunately several note apps I tried, such as Standard Notes and Joplin, are written in Electron. It's understandable given that they're written by lone developers. But it makes for a poorer experience if you're comparing them to desktop Evernote V6. Refer to these hints to identify Electron apps: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42342048/how-do-i-determine-if-an-application-is-built-by-electron-or-not
  6. You didn't say "Anybody can leave, if they're willing to pay the ransom to leave despite being on a free plan, or wait long enough for their captors to release them", you only said "Anybody can leave". You were objectively wrong, and now are trying to change the goalposts in some pointless effort to have the last word. Feel free to have it as I won't be replying to you anymore, so you can change the goalposts further by replying with more bad faith. All I wish is that the mods had left my thread warning people that the web interface can lock you out of registered devices if they are on the free plan, instead of burying it as a single comment on page XYZ of this topic. This one https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/129687-device-limit-change-for-evernote-basic-to-include-web-access/?do=findComment&comment=597727 They should have sticked it if anything. So much for the "we are just users here" nonsense, eh? Mods with the user interests at heart rather than tribal fanboys trying to hide-but-not-outright-delete bad PR would have left my thread alone.
  7. You are objectively wrong, I am currectly locked into the Basic plan. "Anybody can leave": The only way to export to ENEX to leave is on the Desktop app, and since I am out of unsyncs (due to what is either a bug in Evernote's backend, or a dark pattern intentionally requested by a slimy project manager), I cannot add my desktop as one of the 2 basic devices. So no, I cannot leave. Currently counting down the days until the monthly counter resets, so I can add my desktop as a device, export my notes, and move to another app. "Move to premium for a month": I refuse, because it would potentially reward a project manager who did this to me out of malice. I agree with you that the free plan is a bad idea. I wish Basic plan had never existed, this way I wouldn't have been trapped when they decided to tighten the noose 1 year later.
  8. I don't want to, so as not to encourage dark patterns in software design. Not even 1 cent. I will spite myself for 1 month rather than increase a single fraction of a number on the weekly reports of whoever made the decisions that lead to this. But I see that once again, you delete my post instead of leaving it up. Was this not a valid feature request then? Is this the wrong forum? No. You're deleting on-topic threads just to keep your unpaid moderating you donate your hours on. Maybe at the beginning your goal was to help Evernote users, but evidently, somewhere along the road, that no longer became the priority, it became a distant 2nd to feeling important being one of the unpaid janitors of Evernote, scrubbing away any notion of bad PR. I don't want to even imagine what your real life must be like. Good luck with you and your grand mission you chose to spend your life on.
  9. I'm on the Basic plan, and unable to migrate away from Evernote because my notes can only be exported on desktop, it's not one of my 2 registered devices, and I used up both my unsyncs already. After logging in to the desktop app, I get a popup saying to upgrade to premium or be forcefully logged out. This popup should have a "Export all my notes" button so I can recover my notes and use them in other apps. My notes are essentially being held hostage for a month.
  10. The issue is that the device registration was taken from my chosen device without my consent, and transferred automatically to a device I don't want to use for notes (web). And those devices can't export so I'm in limbo. You should have sticked my post so people don't get stung like I was, instead of moving it to the bottom of a random thread no one's reading. Please try to prioritize the interests of Evernote users above...whatever it is you hoped to achieve by moving my post here. If you want, feel free to create your own (less negative) sticked post saying "Until some issues are resolved, don't log in to the website if you're on the Basic plan and want to use your 2 devices on non-web apps". BUT DON'T HIDE THIS.
  11. Long story short, I've been locked out of my desktop app due to a mysterious reason forcefully registering a browsing session and unregistering my desktop, and me having limited "unsync device" on the Basic plan. If this was just a bug in the web client, and not an intentional dark pattern, then you should allow people to export their notes from the web client. This gives them an escape hatch to an Evernote alternative , if they've locked themselves out of the desktop app.
  12. I realize I could sign up to Premium for 1 month to free up my notes and migrate, but, how do I say this without coming off like an ingrate? I feel that Evernote's recent actions can be explained by unfortunate bugs, overworked dev team, etc...but they can also be explained by dark patterns / sales tactics. For this reason, I don't want to potentially give some slimy executive the satisfaction that they got a cent out of me through those dark patterns. I'm gonna spite myself and wait out for the unsync reset, and leave without having contributed. That's how bitter this has been. I wish Evernote had just announced that they're canceling the Basic plan instead of this.
  13. Be VERY careful if you're on the Basic plan. After the change that made web browsers count towards your 2 device limit on the Basic plan took me by surprise, I used one of my 2 monthly device removals to free up 1 device so I could use the browser. (I couldn't use my PC and was used to using the browser as an occasional backdoor into my notes). Later, having learned that Evernote now counts browser sessions towards the 2 device limit, I used my 2nd device unsync to remove the browser, which allowed me to set my PC as a device. I thought this would be the end of it: only my PC and my phone are registered devices, no unsyncs left. Today, I went to evernote.com and logged in to read the forums. It told me that I reached my device limit, upgrade to premium, etc, I closed the unsync popup since I didn't want to unsync anything else (and had no unsyncs left anyway). I am 100% certain I did not unsync my PC. I was fully aware of the limits and I only enjoy using Evernote on desktop (V6/legacy anyway), so I would never have unsynced it. So what happened? Evernote somehow unsynced my PC despite not having any unsyncs left, and now my browser is a registered device. Just because I wanted to read the forums. The website doesn't seem to have an Export option, so I can't even migrate away from Evernote, at least for another month. All I can do is use notes in a single browser on my home PC, and on my phone.
  14. I understand that all new development will be on V10. No issues here. But Legacy (V6) works right now, and is an acceptable "final release" of Evernote for some users. Can they count on being able to use it for another 5 years, without being forced to move to V10/V11/V12/etc? Or has the countdown started for when Legacy is intentionally disabled? (whether via an intentional retiring, or by changing server-side APIs which break Legacy)
  15. Modern software development: forego testers, forego releases, just hire web developers to write agile constantly-updated pages, even for desktop apps. Put everything on a subscription plan, don't let people buy perpetual licenses. Everything is slower, everything is always in flux, all clients are on the latest version the web developer just pushed. It's not just Evernote, all nu-programmers are like this. Anytime you run a newly-updated app and it became much slower and less native-looking, this is what happened. The main appeal of Evernote to me was the great desktop app. Now it's another slow webapp in a desktop shell, and it lost its primary advantage over other Electron apps like StandardNotes and Joplin. (speaking for myself as a user only syncing text notes)
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