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  1. Currently adding "#" to the titles of notes... so now with tasks not needing to be a whole note, P1, 2 and 3 would be enough for me. As GTD wise anything lower than 4 is just sometime maybe.
  2. But "#"... I have used them to temporary tag (without using tags [sic]) stuff for today to go back to, etc., etc. - but seems not to be open for search when used as "####" for instance . Any suggestions?
  3. On opening either from desktop icon or task bar icon on Win.10 now on version 10.4.3 of Evernote, and still taking 10 or 11 reboots to get to my notebooks and notes. Worse then Micro$oft and that is saying something. So when can I set a red letter day that for a whole week I can get access to my files? I work for a day, then not for 2 or 3, but today just tooooooooo many restarts, get a grip guys, solve it. Or just us all know that you are leaving the market and we can all transition somewhere else.
  4. So updated to desktop under W10... ... version 10.4.3 and it took 11 restarts to get the opening of Evernote, so WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE FIXED? Simple question, truly simple.
  5. Er, not it isn't - 2 or 3 days optartion and - BANG - white screen on opening again - no notes no notebooks no stacks - just the default windows menu - and whitespace.
  6. So - %AppData% doesn't have "a" folder called Evernote, but there are three - under subfolders 'Local', 'LocalLow' and 'Roaming'... ... so 30k items deleted : (((((
  7. And nice try - iin hiding this "help" in almost 6pt font in pale red within a page of lots of nice bold bright green 24pt titles... ... ever thought of customers? No apparently not.
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