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  1. I've just got my desktop back after a crash. A number of programs had to be reinstalled including my much loved Evernote which was nice and straightforward to use. As as author, I need a reliable, easy to use program that doesn't require jumping through hoops that are invisible. A divorce is now pending. I was given the new version without any request as to whether I wanted it or not. I've tried to find where things were. A note that I was working on has been majorly screwed up. The print size is so small I'm struggling to read it because I have vision problems. By default spell checking is on. I hate spell checking. My ability to spell correctly is better than any machine's idea of what's correct. The layout is messed up and there's no means of correcting the amount of screen the columns can use. My desktop is Windows 10 (which I loathe as well). I also use an iPad (which was inadvertantly upadated) and iPad Mini (which auto updated), a Samsung smart phone.and a laptop that runs Windows XP which is considerably more reliable than Window 10. The variety of devices is why I have the Premium version of Evernote. Evernote has gone from wonderful to an unmitigated disaster.
  2. I attempted to open Evernote on my desktop computer (Lenovo AIO) which runs Windows 10 and a pop up advised me the database was corrupted 😟😢 It's perfectly all right on my Samsung Galaxy S6 though. What's might have gone wrong and how can I fix this, please? I prefer using my desktop because I can type faster than on my phone
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