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  1. After over a decade of using Evernote, this is the first time I've seen this issue. Thanks for fixing it!
  2. The trick about the tags was super-helpful, thanks so much! Too bad about location services on a laptop, but ho hum... I suppose I'll have to type the location in manually until the magic wand manifests itself.
  3. As an Evernote enthusiast, I too would like tags included in the template to be included in notes created from the template. It seems like a bit of an oversight not to incorporate this functionality. The location function seems to work perfectly when creating a new note from a template on my Android phone -- however, it doesn't seem to work when using the Evernote desktop application. Since the location function seems to be based on location services on an Android device, not including the location in a new note using the desktop application makes sense, although having said that, somehow Google Maps seems to know where my computer is when I launch it, so I'm wondering if I might be missing something. Does anyone know how to automatically include the location when creating a new note from a template using the Evernote desktop application?
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