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  1. Thanks Nick for taking time to reply. Now it starts working as usual. Maybe this was a temporary glitch.
  2. I have not upgraded or downgraded. I just use it. How do I downgrade? This is hell for me. I can't access my evernote on the desktop computer. I have a plus account. I pay some money to keep evernote. Because this is the most important program on the Internet, as far as I am concerned. I can access evernote on my mobile phone, however.
  3. I posted a question yesterday. Where has it gone? I still can't look at all my notes on my desk computer. Please help me.
  4. Hi I can log on to my account on my Linux computer. However, when I click ''All notes' , all the notes do not come to the screen. This has never happened to me. What is the problem? I have no problems to access 'All notes' on my Android based mobile phone. I always use my desktop computer for almost everything on the Internet. The Linux computer works fine for more than 15 years. Please help me. PS I have Evernote Plus account.
  5. Thanks everybody for assisting me. 1. I have been using Evernote for more than 10 years. 2. I store valuable information on it. 3. I have never ever changed the password. 4. Recently Evernote prompted me to change the password as you have noticed some suspicious activities. 5. So I obliged to you and changed the password. And in this process I accepted the password suggested by Evernote. 6. There were strange combination of characters. So I can't remember it. 7. I was desperate that Evernote will asked the password. 8. Today I opened my Asus tablet and
  6. Thanks Dave for the reply. I am in a desperate situation. I did not care about any negative consequences. Suddenly, Evernote asked me to change the password. I obliged and changed it. I am unable to remember it as it had combination of figures and letters. I store some valuable information on my Evernote account. As I wrote before, I badly need Evernote. When I travel outside other countries in Europe. I take my Asus tablet. How do I login to my Evernote using my Asus tablet? For more than 10 years, it was simple. I had a simple password. How do I know my new password?
  7. You have sent me an email and requested to change the password. I obliged to you and changed the password. You have suspected some strange activities on my Evernote account and suggested changing the password. You gave me a tricky password. It has a combination of words and figures. I accepted your password. This is my Ubuntu Linux computer and I used Chrome as the browser. So the new password will easily be recognized by this computer. I have an Asus tablet. I use it frequently when travelling. It will ask the password. How do I know the password? My email a
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