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  1. Hi. I have tried numerous times to contact support for Evernote. I have never received an answer. I need help and am hoping that this forum can be helpful. I have re-loaded the latest version of Evernote on my computer, phone, and online- so I am current. I use Evernote to snap pictures of business cards, then send an email to others, link in, and save to contacts. This was all working until maybe 6 months ago. I have been hobbling along; manually doing everything.... and I am just thinking. I am paying for this premium service for Evernote every month. This is ridiculous... and even more ridiculous that i can not get support. The contacts say they save... they dont. I have outlook exchange and I access it online. There must be something about that connection???? When the contacts say saved... Where exactly are they saving, if at all, and how do I change that setting, so they save to my outlook exchange. I use MindShift online and it is the MS exchange Exchange 2013 Webmail Customers https://mymail.mindshiftonline.com/ *** Also, I always get a note that I can not Link in with someone; but sometimes it actually works when I check LI and other times not. I dont have great confidence here. I have reloaded that LI account, as well. Anything else I can do to reset that link? Help. Catherine
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